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Oskar Storm Oskar Storm, our Technical Specification Manager, has a unique width in his glass experience and has developed a passion for the visual aspects of glass. In his years of specification, he has also developed a network among consultants and suppliers of complementary products for facades making him adapt a system view of the façade. Today a façade must be dynamic to meet demands of legislation and specification, and Oskar has a firm grip on shaders and automation options.

Check Oskar pratar om glas Youtube channel!

Tomorrow flat glass must be recycled in a circular way and this is a special area of interest to Oskar. We stand before peak sand and flat glass must be produced more and more from end of life flat glass.


Oskar Storm
Technical Specification Manager Scandinavia
Ripvägen 3 • 382 34 Nybro • Sweden
Mobile: +46 702 558844

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List of references


  • Villa Ola, Askersund (middle pane Vision Lite)
  • Foajen, Malmö, North side to Carlsgatan (ground floor middle pane Vision Lite)
  • Kv Hästskon, Stockholm (DGU shopfronts, on Diamant substrate)
  • Liljewachs Art museum extension, Stockholm
  • Sergelgatan Stockholm, shopfronts (on Diamant)



  • Kv Priorn, Malmö (inner pane ECLAZ)
  • C4 Shopping, Kristianstad
  • Vattnets Hus, Ängelholm
  • Fort Knox, Växjö
  • Ramböll Nyhavna, Trondheim
  • Arlanda Forest Hotel, (single glass coating towards PVB)

Cool-Lite XTR 70/33

Cool-Lite Xtreme 70/33

  • Foajen Malmö S/W side. TGU with inner pane ECLAZ. On ground floor Vision Lite middle pane.
  • Priorn Malmö Ground floor shopfronts: TGU with middle pane Vision Lite and inner pane ECLAZ.
  • Axis head Office, Lund
  • ICON entrance, Växjö (oversize 7 meters)
  • Regionens Hus, Gothenburg
  • Nordstan south entrance, Gothenburg
  • KKV, Örebro
  • Ikea Kungens Kurva, Stockholm (from April 2020)
  • M-Bilar, Borlänge (DGU with ECLAZ)
  • Munch Brygge, Oslo
  • Merkurhuset, Gothenburg
  • SAS-Huset, Frösundavik
  • Magasin X, Uppsala
  • Aqua, Malmö

Cool-Lite XTR 60/28

Cool-Lite Xtreme 60/28

  • The Point Hyllie, Malmö
  • K21 Hotel, Gothenburg
  • Gårda Vesta, Gothenburg
  • Skeppsbrohuset, Gothenburg
  • Kv Gjutmästaren (Dahl Office), Bromma
  • Kv Härden, (Siemenshuset), Stockholm

Cool-Lite XTR 50/22

Cool-Lite Xtreme 50/22

  • Tullhuset, Gävle
  • Kv Härden (Siemenshuset) Stockholm
  • Färgskrapan, Sollentuna


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COOL-LITE® SKN 183 (II) is Saint-Gobain’s latest innovative coated glass, with the highest light transmission in the COOL-LITE® range (TL=75% in DGU) combined with a low solar factor (40%), high selectivity (S = 1.88) and neutral aesthetics. It is an ideal product for facades (curtain walls, window band facades, punctuated facades…), in commercial and residential buildings where high daylight income is desired, with no compromise on performance.

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